PT Trikarsa Sempurna Sistemindo

Yuddi Herwanta

PT Trikarsa Sempurna Sistemindo was established in 2006, started of a small team formation consisting only of a few people, we were able to tread in to Indonesian market which is very sensitive and tight for the competition in the industrial field.

Gradually the organization continued to proceed in improving the quality of service to customers who already provides full confidence to us as IT vendors, support our customers' trust and references to help open a broader picture in the existing market share. Measured planning and duplication processes that we apply is going runs concurrently and could encourage increase the number of new customers.

We continue conducting evaluations at each end of the quarter, we determine the strengths and weaknesses as an IT vendor help us to understand what our priorities in the future. In order to provide optimum services and retain customers then establish for the placement in the organization's strategic components, namely: sales and support We believe that Human resources are the key for the success in our business continuity so that we gradually a row towards the formation of a more ideal
team and it is proven.

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