Corporate Value

"We are proud of ourselves and organizational leadership positions"

  • Act with integrity and ethical standards are high
  • To believe (believe) what is being done
  • Based on the positive, celebrate successes and strengths and are still working aggressively improve performance
  • Submit the results

"We appreciate and respect the people"

  • Facing each other as individuals and treat them like we want others to treat us
  • Developing people toward their highest ability
  • Working together in a common endeavor; respect for each other as a critical element to the overall success
  • Having a common understanding of the respective roles and how we align with corporate goals
  • Working closely with one another and feel togetherness as a team
  • Recognize and accept differences between people, but each contributes the same values

"We appreciate our customers"

  • Build lasting relationships with customers penjang and intermediaries (distributors) we
  • Maintain power to service orientation and customer
  • Submit what we promise

"We appreciate the communication"

  • Communicate clearly, consistently, and publicly (ethical) with every person we encounter
  • Create an environment that encourages open communication, participation, honesty and straightforwardness
  • Always listen