About The Company

Established in 2006 as a small team of only a handful of personnel, PT. Trikarsa Sempurna Sistemindo could penetrate the sensitive competitive Indonesian market. Gradually, the Company continued to improve the quality of its services to the customers who have entrusted their IT needs to the Company as IT vendor. Our customers’ trust and reference help expand the existing market share. Our measured planning and duplication process ran well
and could help increase the number of new clientele. Our continual evaluations—mapping our strengths and weaknesses as IT vendor—help make us aware of our future priorities. The placement of strategic components in the Company has become our priority as we believe that human resources are the key to our success and the continuity of our business. The recruitment process is of paramount importance.

“Human resources  are the greatest assets”

Therefore, the Management instructed the entire team to remain focused and work based on the strategic plan. Currently, PT. Trikarsa Sempurna Sistemindo employs a total of around 90 full-time staff plus outsourcing staff stationed at the customers’ respective offices. Each individual employee has the qualifications and experience in their respective fields.  The management team have been recruited on the basis of competence and experience. Employee development, training and empowerment are our priorities in order to protect and guarantee business continuity as the Management view employees as the Company’s vital asset. Data indicate that the Company’s employee turnover is relatively  small, which means our staff empowerment strategies run well.


“To become better, stronger and larger

We believe that in the years to come we will be much stronger, larger, more innovative and more valuable in the domestic market since we gradually continue to direct our corporate value to a more strategic direction. In November 2011, Trikarsa opened a branch in Surabaya. Gradually but surely, PT. Trikarsa Sempurna Sistemindo is forming ideal team in order to provide optimal services to corporate users. In addition, the Company can also retain, protect, and develop potential customers who have entrusted their IT needs to us as vendor. To maintain team performance to always reach the target, we continually review our performance, with many success stories and a few failures.

Trikarsa not only sales in IT Hardware but also Trikarsa have team support for always support our customers after sales services. We commit to customer for after sales service are done consistently  to ensure that the customers get the best, in accordance with our commitment due to the highly competitive IT business. Practically all IT players offer aggressive prices and interesting service values.


Account and Revenue Growth

In our first year, we had around 90 companies (account-based) entrusting us to be their permanent vendor to supply their companies’ IT needs. The number continued to grow year by year, which entailed a significant revenue groth. In the fifth year, nearly 400 customers entrusted the purchases of their IT needs (products, both hardware and software, and services) to us. To date we keep on extensifying our accounts gradually and consistently to play a more strategic role in the Indonesian market.

Extension of Service Range

Planning is part of the Company’s activities in the process of achieving the objectives. Strong commitment and execution as well as satisfactory services lead to increased customers’ trust. Demand for more IT services support has triggered us to keep adding resources in the support line.  Our solutions now consist of five main pillars, that is, Mid-Range Solutions, Sales Center Solutions, IT Security Solutions, Training Center Solutions, and Enterprise Solutions. Our data reveal that a majority of corporate users which have been our major customers or loyal customers do transactions continually and gradually, as planned in the IT agenda.  Frequently, customers requested alternative solutions to their problems and at times customers involve our support department team in the IT planning session for strategic purposes.