Disaster Recovery Center

Back-Up System Solution

Backup of vital company information is critical to a company’s survival, no matter what size the company. Recent studies show that 93% of businesses that lose data due to a disaster go out of business within two years. Increasingly, businesses are turning to disk-based online server backup and recovery solutions as the most cost effective fit for their requirements, when they have neither the volume of data nor the level of technical staff that characterize most traditional backup and recovery operations.


The process of Backup & Recovery

Backup and recovery system is to enable an individual or company to be able to recover vital information in the event that data is lost, deleted or destroyed. As a result it is necessary to follow a regular process to ensure that a copy of critical information is made and stored in a safe place.

However it should be noted that if a backup is made only once a week then a maximum of a weeks’ data will be lost. It is possible to backup more regularly but this is more complex and will depend on your requirements and budget.