Enterprise Solution

Aris Ihwan
General Manager of Solutions Architecture Division

Specializing in providing enterprise-class solutions and services focused on data storage, network and security "

Enterprise System Solutions enable your organization to keep pace with challenging real-time cemands of server and storage capacity, management and adminstration. 

Server & Storage Solution
Trikarsa delivers storage solutions built on technology from the world’s leading manufacturer. We can provide complete storage solutions from the design through to implementation and manage all aspects of storage including backup, recovery,... Read More

Desktop Virtualization Solution
Desktop PCs are notoriously underutilized, tying up capital, energy resources and management resources. Conventional desktops PCs also limit flexibility and    productivity, tethering end users to individual machines and isolating active... Read More

Thin Client Solution
The trend in Thin Client computing is a result of the evolution of the personal computer (PC)-based network. In the past, new PC software and hardware were continuously being released, resulting in a neverending stream of... Read More